Posting about March halfway through April…

Let’s hope I get all the facts straight here.

I took a trip to Florida! Did the whole universal thing basically to go to Harry Potter world and I never wanted to leave.

I did have one crazy day though. Two days after I got back, I booked three sets of vows (almost a total of 500 words!), booked some signage for a September wedding, and some envelopes! Which you know vows and envelope calligraphy are my JAM.

Just kidding. I was more like this:

So naturally, I start doing the calligraphy vows like right away. First, I needed new burgundy watercolour ink. I had some, but did not want to keep mixing it myself in case I didn’t mix the right shade etc.

So I went to Deserres and bought the mahogany coloured Ecoline. LOVE. What a dream to work with.

The set of vows that was done in gold went totally great the first time. These burgundy watercolour sets… I did them twice. Both. And they took a long ass time to finish too.

The first time I made a mistake, I swear it was because my boyfriend walked in and distracted me by talking. I wrote honour when it should have been honor because they’re AMERICAN. Great. Thanks. I couldn’t find my sand eraser, tried scraping it with my knife and it only made it worse. So I redid it.

The second time, was my fault. But same thing happened with the knife because, yes, I tried again.

Days later, I find my sand eraser.

Anyway, then my boyfriend and I booked Easter long weekend away in Banff. GOODBYE.

I also booked some more banners, signage, tags in June (I know, I said I was fully booked), and August! What the heck!

Check out what I did for a bride’s engagement party:

She came to me with a very specific vision. I was so happy to see her reaction when I delivered the seating chart to her and she said that this was exactly what she wanted and imagined.

Small details like calligraphy and hand drawn effects add such a special touch.

I’ll finish this off with a design I’m pretty proud of and posted on my insta:


Which, if you’re not following me, you should.


What I got up to in February

Ah, the month of love.

The biggest news for February was that I booked my last available slot for JUNE!

Yes, you read that right:


And honestly, as a little lady just doing her thing… it’s very satisfying. Who the heck knew people would want to see my work at their special events, weddings, and in their homes!?

To be clear: fully booked means I’m not taking on any large jobs such as full suites, complete event signage. I have a few spots open for those random, small jobs that I can squeeze in comfortably.

Another thing I wanted to accomplish this year was not to burn out. Chatting with other creatives, we naturally take too much on because we’re excited, want to help people, and genuinely want to make stuff.

So, being fully booked in June STILL doesn’t mean I will burn out (like last year). It means that I took a look at my year last year and said to myself, “Do not do this again, Cristina.” Here we are.

I participated in an envelope challenge called #nomoreboringenvelopes on Instagram. It was run by Design by Laney. It actually ran for the full month of March but the only slot I could sign up for was the first!

Anyway, have a look at what I created.