What I got up to in February

Ah, the month of love.

The biggest news for February was that I booked my last available slot for JUNE!

Yes, you read that right:


And honestly, as a little lady just doing her thing… it’s very satisfying. Who the heck knew people would want to see my work at their special events, weddings, and in their homes!?

To be clear: fully booked means I’m not taking on any large jobs such as full suites, complete event signage. I have a few spots open for those random, small jobs that I can squeeze in comfortably.

Another thing I wanted to accomplish this year was not to burn out. Chatting with other creatives, we naturally take too much on because we’re excited, want to help people, and genuinely want to make stuff.

So, being fully booked in June STILL doesn’t mean I will burn out (like last year). It means that I took a look at my year last year and said to myself, “Do not do this again, Cristina.” Here we are.

I participated in an envelope challenge called #nomoreboringenvelopes on Instagram. It was run by Design by Laney. It actually ran for the full month of March but the only slot I could sign up for was the first!

Anyway, have a look at what I created.