Posting about March halfway through April…

Let’s hope I get all the facts straight here.

I took a trip to Florida! Did the whole universal thing basically to go to Harry Potter world and I never wanted to leave.

I did have one crazy day though. Two days after I got back, I booked three sets of vows (almost a total of 500 words!), booked some signage for a September wedding, and some envelopes! Which you know vows and envelope calligraphy are my JAM.

Just kidding. I was more like this:

So naturally, I start doing the calligraphy vows like right away. First, I needed new burgundy watercolour ink. I had some, but did not want to keep mixing it myself in case I didn’t mix the right shade etc.

So I went to Deserres and bought the mahogany coloured Ecoline. LOVE. What a dream to work with.

The set of vows that was done in gold went totally great the first time. These burgundy watercolour sets… I did them twice. Both. And they took a long ass time to finish too.

The first time I made a mistake, I swear it was because my boyfriend walked in and distracted me by talking. I wrote honour when it should have been honor because they’re AMERICAN. Great. Thanks. I couldn’t find my sand eraser, tried scraping it with my knife and it only made it worse. So I redid it.

The second time, was my fault. But same thing happened with the knife because, yes, I tried again.

Days later, I find my sand eraser.

Anyway, then my boyfriend and I booked Easter long weekend away in Banff. GOODBYE.

I also booked some more banners, signage, tags in June (I know, I said I was fully booked), and August! What the heck!

Check out what I did for a bride’s engagement party:

She came to me with a very specific vision. I was so happy to see her reaction when I delivered the seating chart to her and she said that this was exactly what she wanted and imagined.

Small details like calligraphy and hand drawn effects add such a special touch.

I’ll finish this off with a design I’m pretty proud of and posted on my insta:


Which, if you’re not following me, you should.