What I got up to in January

First of all, it’s 2019?

This is my first blog post, ever. It’s weird. Since it’s weird, and I’m weird, I thought I would make this a little easier on myself and not exactly “write a blog post” but “write a summary”?

So what the heck happened in January?

Aside from the layers and layers of snow that buried Ottawa, my biggest news would be that I published my website!

This side calligraphy thang has been going on for over 2 years. Since I do a bunch of website tasks at my full time job, I felt totally lost and useless without a website.

I chose Squarespace because of it’s simple and clean templates that I could just drag and drop elements that worked for me. I’m so happy with the outcome of it.

I then participated in my first wedding show (as a vendor). The last time I did, I was working at The Bay Gift Registry so I guess I’ve always had a thing for weddings? I mostly did this as a personal goal to push myself and put myself out there, chat with other vendors and potential clients. Thank God I rebranded and printed new business cards because I gave out over 160! I think it’s a pretty great start.

After that, I received a large custom order. This consisted of spot calligraphy on printed invitations for an anniversary party, plus return address on every envelope and guest address on every envelope. What. A. Sweat. But a great sweat it was, because finishing this FELT SO GOOD.

I started on another envelope order consisting of only the guest names (yes – you can ask for this!). It’s more budget friendly than choosing to do full address for envelopes.

I also continued to answer a bunch of inquiries (but I’m noticing the frequency is much higher than this time 2018 – so that’s cool). Please, can you just reply back to me whether you want to lock things up with me or not? #ghosting




Dazed & Lettered is an Ottawa calligraphy studio. It is passionately run by a little lady in love with calligraphy, Cristina Germano. Available for special events, corporate services, and workshops.